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Our philosophy is simple.  No different than healthcare, justice and capitalism do not mix.  Regardless of countless promises and/or results made by attorneys if the attorney has a caseload of twenty or more they do not have the time to provide you with the personal touch and attention necessary for optimal result.  At Kim and Associates, no attorney will have a caseload of more than 10 and more than 25% of those caseloads is pro-bono cases to benefit the community.
In sum, which friend will be closer and be better able assist you, one who values the close network of five friends or one who values bigger network of friends of thirty.  One simply does not have enough time during the week to attend to all thirty friends.  It’s that simple
You Are a Client, Not A Wallet

So many firms look to take every penny they can from their clients. We take every chance to serve you. It is important that our clients feel like a member of our family, not a bank account.

Our Expertise is Here For You

We never want you too feel like you aren’t a part of our process. We want you to understand and take part in what we do.

Our Bond Is What Matters

Being one of our clients is not just a small thing. When you are a client, you’re like family and our loyalty to your needs is second to none.

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We think the relationship between the client and lawyer is as important as anything else in the whole legal process. If you want to be a part of the family, click here.

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We offer services with you in mind. It is our utmost goal to tailor our firm to your needs. If you want to know about the legal matters that we handle, click here.

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