Just as Freud believed, the best way to assist and learn about a patient is to be invited to the patient’s family dinner. Similarly, the outings will ensure the attorney’s ability to protect the client and their loved ones at its very core.


Join Our Family.

Old adage exists which states, “everyone needs a Doctor and a Lawyer within the family”.  Kim & Associates strongly believe that justice and capitalism do not mix.  Thus, different types of membership is available to ensure that you and your family is protected at its very core.  For example, Black Membership provides client and their loved ones with their own private attorney 24/7.  

Our Membership Packages

We want to build a relationship with our clients. That is why our membership is structured around what you need.

General Service

Like other firms, this service provides either flat fee or per hour to resolve the legal problem and issues at hand (i.e. divorce, corporate formation, litigation, and etc.)

General Membership

Retainer based on individual’s tax return. Phone number provided to be available within 24 hours.

Black Membership

Retainer provides a client with a privately designated attorney’s phone number to be available for the client and their loved ones 24/7. Privately assigned attorney will thereafter get to know the client and whomever they wish through many personal outings in order to ensure perfect fit.

Our law firm is tailored to your needs

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We think the relationship between the client and lawyer is as important as anything else in the whole legal process. If you want to learn more about us as a company, click here.

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We offer services with you in mind. It is our utmost goal to tailor our firm to your needs. If you want to know about the legal matters that we handle, click here.

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